Seasons of Love

When I Fall in Love 😉 .. Thanks Marissa Anita. Ini Keren 😉


Falling in love feels so good.

It’s that feeling when cupids pierce you with their endorphine-laden arrows. There is no other way but up even when things may you bring down. You have no time to feel blue as you fill your mind with the thought of him or her. His coo. Her laughter. What ecstasy.

“I wonder what she’s doing now?”
“I wonder what he’s thinking now?”
“Oh I miss her.”
“I miss him.”
“I think I’m falling in love.”
“Damn, I think I love her.”
“Let’s have dinner. Drinks after? Coffee or tea? ”
“Can I kiss you?”
“Maybe yes. Yes!”
And as they kissed, fireworks exploded in their brains and hearts, butterflies flutter frantically in utter joy . . . and life feels limitless.

Love. It’s like seasons. And just like seasons it’s nature is everchanging. After summer comes fall where leaves turn bright orange and red…

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